Comunicação Positiva para Encantar

Duração: 3 horas

Modalidade: e-Learning (Academia Enérgica)

At the end of the training, participants should be able to use more positive communication in their professional relationship with their audiences.



"I am immensely grateful to have invested in training in positive communication! From day one, I felt that I was on the right track to improve my ability to communicate with the public. Through practical techniques and strategies, I learned to convey my ideas of clear, concise and impactful way, winning the attention and respect of any audience."

Energica Academia, Formação e Consultoria.

The "Comunicação Positiva para Encantar" training is aimed at all those who are interested in improving their communication skills in their professional relationship with the various publics. 

It can be targeted at a broad audience, including both individuals and businesses.

Here are some of the key audiences that can benefit from our training:

·        Customer service professionals;

·        Professionals in leadership positions;

·        Marketing and Public Relations professionals;

·        Autonomous and entrepreneurial professionals;

·        Professionals in career transition;

The trainer is Florinda Ladeira, graduated in Management and Social Development; teacher in the areas of Human Resources Management; Certified Coach. She has more than 20 years' experience in the area of people management in a business context. Among the numerous works and projects in which she has participated and developed, there are training and consultancy projects in the areas: Emotional Intelligence; Change Management; Leadership; Motivation; Teamwork; Interpersonal Relationships; Communication; Attendance and communication; Conflict management in the work context; among others.

The permanent contact with the industry and its professionals allows him to share a wide and diverse set of experiences, in order to enhance and enrich other perceptions, and therefore other capabilities. 

This training will enable: 

1. More effective communication;

2. Stronger professional relationships;

3. Influence and persuasion;

4. Improved problem solving;

5. Professional growth;

6. Confidence and Self-esteem.

The evaluation methodology is continuous. The final classification in the course will result from the weighted average, on a scale of 0-20 values, of the partial classifications taking into account the following evaluation elements:

- Motivation; Punctuality; Participation and Initiative; Ease of understanding; Cooperation (Teamwork); Test mark;

At the end of the training, participants will receive a Certificate of Qualifications if they reach the defined objectives and participate in at least 90% of the training.


Certified Training (DGERT) - Vocational Training Certificate issued through the SIGO platform, Ministry of Education;

A distance learning platform, easy to use and with no need to travel.


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